Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There are so many things to think about and finish , but I really don't know from where to start. I even made a list of my tasks, distributed them in the calendar but it's still hard to start any of them and I keep putting them off for the next and next day. It's all about moving that makes me feel tense, lazy and the deadline scares me if I don't have everything done in time. By the way, I'm writing this blog now, because it's another way I found to escape from my duties, and postpone it a little bit later. Well, I guess I will finish writing so I can give me chance to do one of the topics in my to do list. May all the distractions be away from me. I hope they get distracted and don't see I'm trying to do my tasks. Good luck for me!


Dr. Diario said...

good luck for you too!!!
before anything, i am so happy to see u here and to be here as well, back to the track and doing what we like to.
i am sure that these new words added here are just the beginning of helpfull ideas to live with peace and happiness...thanks a lot, AMIGO.

Ronaldo said...

OW! It`s like you be beside us, i love it and i know you are very capable to do every thing you really want to don`t rush but no stop, never you know i`m cheering alway to you.