Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Life is like the waves it has its ups and downs
Life is like a roller coaster it has its twists and turns
Life is like a sport it just depends on what we play
Life is like a game of poker it just depends on what we are dealt

Life can be given life can be taken
Life can be a curse life can be a blessing
Life can be a pain life can be in sain

Life has its ways life has its days
Life has its love life has its hate
Life has its gentler touch but it has its harder punch

Life brings you your knees when you feel in need
Life brings you a lot of things
but in the end it depends on what we do

tom Le Guilcher


Dr. Diario said...

life is everything...
life is nothing...
you make your decision, choose the best way, grab the stuff that makes you smile happy...`cause besides anything life is sooo short and happiness depends only on YOU !!!

Tiago said...

vou treinar meu inglês lendo o seu blog!!!